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An introduction to Pauline Rose

Welcome to my blog, 

A world of pure indulgence & delicious updates on Pauline Rose as it starts to bloom. Handmade Chocolates Made in England on the east Anglian coast.

you may follow us on Twitter Facebook & Instagram. Where I’ll be updating you all on upcoming chocolate creations. I’ll be giving you insights & behind the scenes photos.

I’ll be creating artisan chocolates for gluten free, vegetarians & diabetics as well as luxury chocolate lovers too.

Thanks for reading & I’ll update you all soon. 

But just to let you see what we’ve already done Here’s a first peek at whats to come.


Featured post

Until recently it’s been far to hot to make any chocolates, but I’ve been dipping in & out of chocolate testing for a few weeks to bring you some delightful flavour combinations.

Grandma mother & the rest of the family have been chief taste testing them for me along with myself. Let’s just say they’ve all gone down well.

So far i have these beautifully handmade chocolates to show you.

First up we have 

coffee chocolatte 

Rich dark chocolate centres with a strong depth of coffee & creamy white chocolate outer shells.


Next up I have for you 

Banoffee choc

A sweet banana toffee & crispy filled centre with creamy white chocolate outer shells  


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what new delicious chocolates I’ve been testing so far 
& This new season promises to bring a lot more of that too. I have some wonderful Autumn  wintery chocolates coming soon.

For more chocolate delights head the website & bag yourself what’s left of the first batch of chocolates. 

Paulinerose chocolates

Tropical island chocolate Meringues 

I wanted to try something tropical for my next post & With chocolate of course.

Are you thinking of a far away place that’s full of fruitful delicious meals white fluffy clouds blue sky’s sandy beaches & searing hot sunshine, Well.. we can dream right? 

I guess this tropical island of your own will have to do that you can indulge in instead, although I’ve been told this looked like something you’d see on show at your resort buffet, all dressed up & tempting you to eat it.

So I put together this delicious tropical meringue island dessert, A lemon drizzle meringue with fruit & coconut.

to create this I used Juicy dried papaya, mango, pineapple, apricots & coconut flakes


nestled in the centre of fluffy white crisp meringue, on top of a bed of lemon flavoured White creamy tempered Belgium chocolate & then finally drizzled with more lemon infused white creamy chocolate.
What did I use to make it you say.

1. I used delicious magazines Basic meringue recipe to create the island meringue 

2. Sicilian lemon natural flavouring to infuse the chocolate from dr oetker 

3. Along with a mixture of whitworths dried fruit & other dried fruits from other brands   Along with a light sprinkle of coconut flakes.

Chocolate used callebaut’s finest Belgium white chocolate

After all that it was just one thing left to do & that was 

serve & enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed my tropical summer style dessert Post 
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Rosey Chocolate Orange Bakewell tartlet

A little love for the classic British Bakewell tart 


a simple yet easy tasty tart recipe

I received some delightful new flavours From Foodie flavours last week  

I knew exactly what I was going to create with one of the bottles in particular, The Organic Orange oil, The smell & flavour of this is truly delicious & I’d highly recommend checking out what other great flavours they have to offer.

Here is the flavour I used in this recipe    

For the Pastry: 

Cocoa powder 3 Tbsp

butter 70g (you might want to use Less butter if you prefer)

Sugar 30g (you may use more sugar to make it sweeter if you prefer)

Plain flour 120g

1. Mix together roughly until it looks like it’s starting to bind together & with a little kneading, shape into a ball of chocolatey shortcrust dough. 

2. Set aside in the fridge wrapped in cling film for about 20-30 minutes to give the butter & warm dough time to chill.

3. Pre heat the oven to 170c 

4. When your ready slightly flatten & cut into 4 quarters & roll out thinly just over the size of the tartlet tins. (Don’t worry about excess over hang as the pastry strinks as it bakes, so you can strip those excess bits off once they are done.

To Bake blind your pastry 

5. simply use a fork on each base & probe a few times this’ll help dry it out & (helps save you from a soggy bottom) 

6. next cut into squares some baking paper to line each pastry case & pop some ceramic baking beads (any good baking shops will have them or supermarkets I bought mine from Lakeland) into each one & pop it into the preheated oven for 5 minutes.

 Whilst that’s baking blind….


7. Move onto your

Frangipane filling:

ground almonds 80g 

Butter 50g

Flour 50g

These are just guidelines so you may use more or less if you prefer 

8. almond essence 4 tbsp (to give that added extra moist almond flavour)

You’ll want to make a smooth fluffy creamy type paste so you can smooth out.

9. This will fill 4-6 tart tins ( I used 4 tartlet tins) around 2.5 inches round.

10. Once that’s mixed cover & pop into the fridge, the pastry cases should be ready now so taken them out remove the baking beads, put into a heat proof bowl to cool down & let the pastry cool a little too.

11. Once pastry cases have cooled, get your orange marmalade or Jam & spoon a tablespoon of it into each tart & spread out.


12. Remove frangipane from the fridge & give it a quick stir with a spoon & add a dollop into each party case & smooth out a little pop them onto the baking tray & bake for About 20 minutes.

13. Once baked remove from the oven & put on a cooling rack & leave to completely cool before adding the topping. 

icing sugar 60g

Orange oil 3 drops ( Foodie flavours organic orange oil )

4 tsp of water

Guidelines only you may want to use more or less water (but if too runny just add more icing sugar.

14. Mix all 3 into a bowl & stir to get a thickish icing (the orange oil from the foodie flavours range was a real fruity aroma & really gave that pleasant zingy taste to the sweet icing sugar) 

Tip: add more icing sugar to get a thick runny consistency to pour on & work fast to help smooth it out to keep it glossy & shiny on top & leave to set.

For an extra Finishing Touch, (the cherry on the top) I added one of my very own handmade Solid white chocolate roses to the centre of the glossy Iced Tartlet.

So there you have it Our first recipe for our very own rosey chocolate orange tartlets 

If you’ve tried The recipe & like it, please share it & I’d really love to know what you thought on either of our social media pages

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Pauline rose has bloomed 

Well it’s been a worth it & finally we’ve Fully blossomed after a week & couldn’t be happier to have made my mum & nan proud.

you’ve also been very kind in response from many of you to the new website & the different styles of chocolate we’ve created. (mostly all of which is gluten free & vegetarian unless stated otherwise) 

I truly can’t wait to share with you all more of the upcoming delicious products that’ll be online really soon.

In the meantime here’s some of our most favoured so far 

Bakewell tart roses & hazelnut swirls. 

and our full blossom variety selection of all we have to offer at the moment too.


find us on Facebook Twitter & Instagram for more updates. 

We’ll see you soon with some more flavoursome chocolatiness & maybe even a few baked recipes too to try yourself.  

A Great British Classic Dessert 

In Preparation for our opening soon (TBA) we’ve created what is a great British Classic that will always Remain a favourite for many with our latest Sample creation, The Bakewell tart

Our Reinvention of Bakewell tart recreated into Creamy smooth White Belgium chocolate Roses, with swirls of red giving a marbled effect & the taste that’s so delicious with the almond frangipane & fruity tart raspberry flavours. 

each bite giving you firstly that Creamy Belgium white chocolate taste & straight after that comes the almond flavour with lastly the subtle tart flavours of the raspberry. 

& heres the final result 

Using our secret blend of both raspberry & almond to create this marvellous bloom of bitesize rose chocolates. 

All of our delicious flavours of chocolate will soon be available online so keep a look out on our social media pages both Twitter & Facebook.

Taste testing is fun

Putting together delicious combinations of fine artisan fresh chocolates. Oh the joys of making those beautiful flavoursome delights.

here is some of my most favoured Flavours yet to come 

With What will be known as our signature swirl chocolates, they are all because of the rose as every Rose is a beautiful swirl of colour & beauty. 

We’re aiming to offer you all a variety of chocolate from vegan diabetic friendly gluten free vegetarian & vegan. 

So here’s Our first test batch we created 

The Hazelnut swirls 

Milk chocolate domes filled with nutty hazelnut filling I see each one (gluten free)


Next up: solid swirls 

Milk chocolate & intense Rich dark chocolates swirls of solid chocolates (gluten free & suitable for vegetarians)


And one more final preview Our milk chocolate mints

A smooth chocolate filling with refreshing strong minty flavour. (Gluten free & suitable for vegetarians)

Seen pictured here (soon to be changed look)   

There’s going to be plenty More to tickle your tastebuds very soon, but for now this is just a few of what you can expect. 
Thank you for reading & if you like our posts please share & tell us what you think 

I am also on Facebook & Twitter.

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