Putting together delicious combinations of fine artisan fresh chocolates. Oh the joys of making those beautiful flavoursome delights.

here is some of my most favoured Flavours yet to come 

With What will be known as our signature swirl chocolates, they are all because of the rose as every Rose is a beautiful swirl of colour & beauty. 

We’re aiming to offer you all a variety of chocolate from vegan diabetic friendly gluten free vegetarian & vegan. 

So here’s Our first test batch we created 

The Hazelnut swirls 

Milk chocolate domes filled with nutty hazelnut filling I see each one (gluten free)


Next up: solid swirls 

Milk chocolate & intense Rich dark chocolates swirls of solid chocolates (gluten free & suitable for vegetarians)


And one more final preview Our milk chocolate mints

A smooth chocolate filling with refreshing strong minty flavour. (Gluten free & suitable for vegetarians)

Seen pictured here (soon to be changed look)   

There’s going to be plenty More to tickle your tastebuds very soon, but for now this is just a few of what you can expect. 
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