In Preparation for our opening soon (TBA) we’ve created what is a great British Classic that will always Remain a favourite for many with our latest Sample creation, The Bakewell tart

Our Reinvention of Bakewell tart recreated into Creamy smooth White Belgium chocolate Roses, with swirls of red giving a marbled effect & the taste that’s so delicious with the almond frangipane & fruity tart raspberry flavours. 

each bite giving you firstly that Creamy Belgium white chocolate taste & straight after that comes the almond flavour with lastly the subtle tart flavours of the raspberry. 

& heres the final result 

Using our secret blend of both raspberry & almond to create this marvellous bloom of bitesize rose chocolates. 

All of our delicious flavours of chocolate will soon be available online so keep a look out on our social media pages both Twitter & Facebook.