Until recently it’s been far to hot to make any chocolates, but I’ve been dipping in & out of chocolate testing for a few weeks to bring you some delightful flavour combinations.

Grandma mother & the rest of the family have been chief taste testing them for me along with myself. Let’s just say they’ve all gone down well.

So far i have these beautifully handmade chocolates to show you.

First up we have 

coffee chocolatte 

Rich dark chocolate centres with a strong depth of coffee & creamy white chocolate outer shells.


Next up I have for you 

Banoffee choc

A sweet banana toffee & crispy filled centre with creamy white chocolate outer shells  


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what new delicious chocolates I’ve been testing so far 
& This new season promises to bring a lot more of that too. I have some wonderful Autumn  wintery chocolates coming soon.

For more chocolate delights head the website & bag yourself what’s left of the first batch of chocolates. 

Paulinerose chocolates